The Emmanuel Community in the UK

The Emmanuel Community is an international Catholic community recognized by the Holy See as a ‘Public Association of the Faithful’. It is formed of lay-people (including those committed in celibacy) and priests who together follow Christ in the service of the Church’s mission.

It was founded in France in 1972, by Pierre Goursat (1914-1991) a humble layman who was both a contemplative and a man of action. Fired by a great love for people, he started numerous apostolic works. In the spirit of Vatican II, he helped to train a new generation of lay people and priests in the service of the Church. He was a pioneer of the “new evangelisation”.

Today, the community consists of more than 10 000 members, including 250 priests and 4 bishops. It is present in 59 countries, including the United Kingdom.

In England, the Emmanuel Community organizes a monthly prayer group in Holy Ghost Church – Balham as well as community days, weekends, households and evangelization missions.

In Scotland, the Community members are in Edinburgh, Perth, Dunfermline and Dundee. They organize community weekends, community days and households.

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