June 2017: 1300 Emmanuel Community members gathered in Rome for the Golden Jubilee of Catholic Charismatic Renewal

During the first week of June 2017, the 1.300 participants to the Emmanuel Session in Rome have experienced a memorable Pentecost prayer vigil with Pope Francis in the Circus Maximus where more than 50.000 people shared their faith. The Holy Father called for unity of Christians in those times where there never has been so many christian martyrs. He called for unity with respect of diversity. The Charismatic Catholic Renewal is a current of grace, a stream of grace with many expressions that, of course, are human works inspired by the Spirit, with various charisms, and all at the service of the Church.

During the Pentecost Mass on Saint Peter’s square, the readings referred to the Pentecost experience of the disciples. Pope Francis pursued his key message for seeking unity while respecting diversity. The temptations are, first, to seek diversity without unity and second, to seek unity but ignore diversity, thus unity becomes uniformity. He added that, the Spirit gave a great gift to build unity : forgiveness, is like a glue that holds us together, the cement that binds the bricks of the house.

During the afternoon, Patti Mansfield, co-foundress  of the Charismatic Renewal and participant of the famous Duquesne weekend, came to Trinità dei Monti to share her testimony and especially the close relationship between Mary and the Holy Spirit. Thereafter, some evangelical leaders gave their testimonies, what raised much interest amongst participants.

You can discover some fantastic videos of this session and hear Patti’s testimony on the “Emmanuel Community – International” Facebook page.

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